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“Claire came to my rescue when my youngest, Oscar, was only a few weeks old. He was not a good feeder or sleeper, which was a shock to the system, as my first was! Oscar was diagnosed with bad reflux and a suspected cow’s milk allergy, but once he was well established on the right medication I contacted Claire as he needed help getting his sleep back on track. She was such a support to me, always gave me excellent advice throughout and supported me with sleep training over an extended period, as bad habits had been established because of his condition and my exhaustion! This was no mean feat. Oscar is now a brilliant sleeper, but I couldn’t have done it without Claire’s help and I couldn’t recommend her more highly!”

Jo – London


“Claire came to help me with my little girl at 4 months. Our little one was not sleeping or feeding well and generally we were both tired, irritable and unhappy. Within 3 days we had a transformation and our baby was sleeping through the night – it was really quite unbelievable!! She is now 5 months old and loves the routine Claire devised especially for us taking into account our problems at the time. Claire really listened and was gentle in her approach, but was firm and confident in what to do. Which is really what I needed as I felt so knocked down in confidence at the time! I would highly recommend Claire to any family, she really is a wonder woman and I can’t thank her enough!”

Jess – Winchester


“Claire Ball is there nothing you can’t cure when it comes to sleepless nights?!! Our 11 month old decided that she wanted to play for 3 hours in the middle of the night, this went on for a few months. A close friend recommended Claire’s services to us and we never looked back. Claire’s advice was really clear, honest and supportive. It was great to have when you spend a lot of your time as a parent guessing. Within 4 nights of our consultation and my very tired husband and I implementing Claire’s plan, our little lady has started to sleep through the night. I can’t thank Claire enough for our nights of sleep back and a much happier baby girl.”

Kate – Buckinghamshire


“Claire is quite simply the best Sleep Consultant we have come across. Her routine enabled our baby to sleep through the night at 8 weeks of age.”

Sarah – London


“Claire turned our lives around! My second child defied everything I had successfully done with the first regarding sleeping, and 6 months in I was beside myself with tiredness. Following our initial consultation Claire’s recommendations dramatically improved the situation almost immediately. My daughter is dummy free, sleeping through the night and the whole family (including her) are happy. Claire’s manner is calm, authoritative and most importantly kind, what I thought would be a traumatic process was dealt with in a fast, super professional and personal manner. At all times I felt comfortable and understood what we were doing and why. I only wished I had called her sooner, I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Emily – London


“Having been advised to demand feed and told you can’t get young babies into a routine, I soon felt exhausted to the point that I wasn’t enjoying the experience of being a new mum. My husband and I called Claire and within days she had turned our lives around. Our son now feeds properly and most importantly we are all getting a good nights sleep.”

Lydia – London


“Claire is brilliant with young babies and children. She clearly has a way with them. She is also a good teacher, which was incredibly helpful, as we were both novices having never changed a nappy or fed a baby! We are most grateful to Claire for getting our baby into a good routine and laying the groundwork for her to grow into a happy, healthy and relaxed baby.”

Karen – London

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