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  • baby sleep trainer in london
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  • baby sleep trainer in london
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baby sleep trainer in london


Feeling sleep deprived and you can’t figure out how to help your baby or child sleep? If you feel like you are struggling from day to day, call me to find out how I can get you on the right track and help you enjoy the process of parenting.

baby sleep trainer in london


If your infant seems to cry a lot and is fractious whatever you do, I can easily determine the cause of this. With my gentle, effective solutions, you will find your baby not only cries less but is much happier and more content.

baby sleep trainer in london


I have no issue with dummies until they become a problem. If you are up and down like a yo-yo all night, plugging them back in, it’s time to get my help to break this habit. I can show you fast and effective ways to remove the dummy from being a sleep association.

baby sleep trainer in london


Whether you have a baby who snack feeds at regular intervals night and day, which is problematic when it comes to establishing great sleeping patterns, a toddler or child who is picky about what they eat, constantly demanding snacks, won’t stay at the table, and you generally find mealtimes stressful. Or you find you are cooking several different meals to accommodate everyone, I have a plethora of ideas, tips and solutions to resolve these common issues.

baby sleep trainer in london


If your little one is waking too early, or has become dependent on you to get to sleep. Maybe they’ve decided that your bed is now theirs! If you rock, pace, jiggle, feed or cuddle your child to sleep, I can show you how to teach them to feel safe and secure and sleep independently in their own cot or bed.

baby sleep trainer in london


With the increased availability of information via the Internet, alongside well-meaning advice from friends and family, it can be tough to determine which path is the right one for you and your child. In my experience, what works for one family, does not necessarily work for another. At our consultation, we can decide the best approach for you in your given circumstances. The approach must be one that you are comfortable and confident with, so you can carry it through. Therefore my advice is always manageable and step by step with as much support as you need to make the changes successfully.


Call for a free 15 minutes initial chat to discuss your situation and find out how I can help you.

+44 7901947285

baby sleep trainer in london


NNEB & HATA Level 3 Sleep Training
Paediatric First Aid
CV and client contact details for verbal recommendations available on request.

If you’ve found yourself at the stage where you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and out of ideas about how to break the cycle or where to turn? I can offer you practical solutions that will work in your particular situation, thereby averting prolonged sleep deprivation and relieving one of the main pressures of parenthood.

As a certified infant sleep specialist, I have been trained to holistically look at a family’s entire circumstance in order to evaluate what methods and approaches would be best suited to solve your infants sleep issues. Combining my own 25 years of experience as a Maternity nurse, nanny and sleep consultant, along with different strategies from baby sleep experts, I can design a sleep program to fit your family’s specific needs.

Guidance and advice for babies, newborn to 12 months involves analysing sleeping patterns, awake windows, feeding, sleeping environment, habits and temperament. During a consultation we discuss any history of trauma at birth, underlying health issues, or post natal mental and emotional well being for parents. My role is supportive and comprehensive.

When addressing sleep issues for toddlers and children, we’ll take a thorough look at routine, habits, nutrition, exercise, sleeping environment, and also behaviour. We all know about oppositional defiance, and how developmentally toddlers start to assert themselves, it’s what they do best! I am keen to help you understand how closely behaviour during the day is often linked to resistance at bedtime and or through the night.

With toddlers and children, I look at emotional coaching, self esteem building, and give you new, effective strategies on how to balance implementing healthy boundaries and expectations of behaviour, in a supportive and empathetic way, so you maintain bonding and attachment.

Whether you are a new parent, have a toddler or child up to the age of 5, my sleep training techniques are specifically tailored to each case. There’s no one solution because each child is unique, but with my help and guidance, I will soon have your little one sleeping soundly, and you’ll have your nights back!

My expertise doesn’t stop at sleep. If you are experiencing any challenges with your infant, or would simply like some support, and confidence boosting reassurance. I’m happy to advise on anything baby, toddler and child related. From routines, effective feeding patterns, product recommendation, weaning, development, travel tips, potty training, difficulties at meal times, and strategies on how to improve behaviour...I cover it all!


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