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NNEB & HATA Level 3 Sleep Training
Paediatric First Aid
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I grew up in a vibrant, happy household in Buckinghamshire and realised very early on that I wanted to build my career around childcare.

I genuinely love being around babies and children. I’m proactive, have a pragmatic approach to family life and understand the importance of a suitably structured routine to establish good sleeping patterns. All of which are essential for your baby’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.

My approach specialises in guidance through key elements that enable healthy babies, toddlers and children to sleep through the night.

I firmly believe that teaching your child to learn the skill of falling asleep, and the ability to resettle is vital for the whole family’s wellbeing.

With over 25 years experience, my knowledge and expertise include working with premature babies, newborns, multiple births, toddlers and children up to 5 years of age. I have successfully helped thousands of families both in the UK and all over the world regain their nights.

My advice and care will always be sensitive to your individual needs and goals. I thrive on helping new parents gain confidence, get better sleep and structure to their life balance so that the family as a whole can function better and enjoy the process of parenting.

There isn't a parenting manual, but with my guidance and expertise, I can help you regain your nights, and enjoy what can often be a very daunting time.

No matter what your night time issues are, my thoughtful solutions will ensure your infant sleeps properly at night and is happy when awake during the day.

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