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“Claire came to my rescue when my youngest, Oscar, was only a few weeks old. He was not a good feeder or sleeper, which was a shock to the system, as my first was! Oscar was diagnosed with bad reflux and a suspected cow’s milk allergy, but once he was well established on the right medication I contacted Claire as he needed help getting his sleep back on track. She was such a support to me, always gave me excellent advice throughout and supported me with sleep training over an extended period, as bad habits had been established because of his condition and my exhaustion! This was no mean feat. Oscar is now a brilliant sleeper, but I couldn’t have done it without Claire’s help and I couldn’t recommend her more highly!”

Jo – London


“Claire came to help me with my little girl at 4 months. Our little one was not sleeping or feeding well and generally we were both tired, irritable and unhappy. Within 3 days we had a transformation and our baby was sleeping through the night – it was really quite unbelievable!! She is now 5 months old and loves the routine Claire devised especially for us taking into account our problems at the time. Claire really listened and was gentle in her approach, but was firm and confident in what to do. Which is really what I needed as I felt so knocked down in confidence at the time! I would highly recommend Claire to any family, she really is a wonder woman and I can’t thank her enough!”

Jess – Winchester


“Claire Ball is there nothing you can’t cure when it comes to sleepless nights?!! Our 11 month old decided that she wanted to play for 3 hours in the middle of the night, this went on for a few months. A close friend recommended Claire’s services to us and we never looked back. Claire’s advice was really clear, honest and supportive. It was great to have when you spend a lot of your time as a parent guessing. Within 4 nights of our consultation and my very tired husband and I implementing Claire’s plan, our little lady has started to sleep through the night. I can’t thank Claire enough for our nights of sleep back and a much happier baby girl.”

Kate – Buckinghamshire


“Claire is quite simply the best Sleep Consultant we have come across. Her routine enabled our baby to sleep through the night at 8 weeks of age.”

Sarah – London


“Claire turned our lives around! My second child defied everything I had successfully done with the first regarding sleeping, and 6 months in I was beside myself with tiredness. Following our initial consultation Claire’s recommendations dramatically improved the situation almost immediately. My daughter is dummy free, sleeping through the night and the whole family (including her) are happy. Claire’s manner is calm, authoritative and most importantly kind, what I thought would be a traumatic process was dealt with in a fast, super professional and personal manner. At all times I felt comfortable and understood what we were doing and why. I only wished I had called her sooner, I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Emily – London


“Having been advised to demand feed and told you can’t get young babies into a routine, I soon felt exhausted to the point that I wasn’t enjoying the experience of being a new mum. My husband and I called Claire and within days she had turned our lives around. Our son now feeds properly and most importantly we are all getting a good nights sleep.”

Lydia – London


“Claire is brilliant with young babies and children. She clearly has a way with them. She is also a good teacher, which was incredibly helpful, as we were both novices having never changed a nappy or fed a baby! We are most grateful to Claire for getting our baby into a good routine and laying the groundwork for her to grow into a happy, healthy and relaxed baby.”

Charlotte – London


“With Claire’s advice and support, within a week we had a baby who could go to sleep, by herself, on her back, in her own room and in her own cot. We had a baby who would feed without distress from a bottle, travel in a car and sit in a pram. She learnt how to nap. We wouldn’t have believed it was possible. Claire did so much more than help us sleep train our daughter. For the first time we had confidence as parents. Having reached out to so many different people and professionals it’s no understatement to say that Claire changed our lives. She listened, observed and made changes without casting judgment. We believed in her and she believed in us. In our consultation with Claire she insisted we would be able to help our daughter become a much happier little girl. That we would be able to sleep at night and to enjoy being the mum and dad of a well rested, well fed baby. We cannot thank her enough.”

Karen – Buckinhamshire


“Claire came to see us and our two year old, after battling for two years of on off sleep issues. We had tried everything in the book & couldn't face any more crying which seemed to be never ending. We had got into some really bad sleep habits just to keep the peace but decided to get Claire in as we had family coming to stay in 2 weeks time & decided we needed to sort it out! Claire helped us come up with a plan within the two week timeframe. We started to implement changes during the day & break bad habits gently with as few tantrums as possible. Claire gave us techniques that helped us communicate with our 2 year old as well as deal with the tantrums. This gave us the confidence to make her realise that we were in charge, not her! After 7 nights she was sleeping like a dream. She is now sleeping 7.30pm through to 7.30am with no tears or tantrums. She is a much happier child for it & the changes we have made during the day have also helped towards that. We are a much happier household as a result… thank you Claire!”

David – London


“Claire Ball is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced sleep consultant and I could not recommend her more highly. Bringing a new born home, was a daunting experience for us and thanks to Claire's expertise and calm demeanour, we were able to instantly enjoy the experience. Claire's ability to remain calm in all situations and her willingness to explain things thoroughly and rationally, is extremely helpful and valuable, at a time when things can get quite fraught and you are expected to have all the answers. Not only is Claire extremely helpful whilst she is with you but she imparts an enormous amount of information in a way that will help you in the long term. Ultimately though, what sets Claire apart from other professionals, is her ability to advise on a strategical level. This, for us, is the unique value Claire brings. She listens carefully to what you are trying to achieve, sets out the strategy and follows you along the journey until you have reached your objective. She is strategic and insightful and conveys a sense of resilience and wisdom. It is thanks to Claire that we confidently navigated through those first few months and when our baby boy started sleeping 7 to 7 at 10 weeks, we were extremely grateful that we could resume a more normal life so early on. There is no question that we will be engaging Claire again if we are fortunate enough to have another baby.”

Carmen – London


“We had a consultation with Claire when my son Henry was 9 months old. Henry struggled to get to sleep on his own and I used a dummy, rocking, cuddling, co sleeping to help him sleep. This meant that Henry took a long time to get to sleep sometimes and then would wake a couple of times a night to have his dummy put back in. I was also really struggling with Henry’s napping in the day and he began to sleep less and less which was extremely tiring for me and meant that by the end of the day Henry was extremely tired and grumpy. Claire gave us a very clear plan to establish good sleeping patterns together with a huge amount of support to implement that plan. I was able to contact Claire whenever I had a question about the plan and was not sure what to do. Claire’s kind and reassuring support gave me the confidence to implement changes that were necessary. Henry now sleeps for a solid 12 hours at night consistently, he does not use a dummy and always sleeps in his cot!! I never thought this would be possible and I was positively scared about giving up the dummy, however now Henry sleeps very well and can get himself back to sleep without the use of the dummy. Henry’s daytime nap is almost always 1.5 hours in the afternoon which is absolutely fantastic as it gives me the time I need during the day. I am extremely grateful to Claire for her support and help with our sleep problems and now Henry is an extremely happy well rested baby.”

Beverly – London


“Claire really has rescued us from the brink of exhaustion. She has helped us with our boy, girl twins since they were six weeks old. She provided invaluable advice and support on how to move our twins from feeding every hour and a half into a routine that now works for all of us. We had very little babies and so we had to battle to put weight onto the twins and therefore sleep was something that my husband and I were managing without. Claire really did provide such support in order to help us to move the babies into three hourly feeding and then into a routine that we had been dreaming about. The twins are now seven months old and Claire has been there for us every step of the way. Leo struggled with reflux for quite some time and Hermione needed a number of sleep props, such as rocking to sleep, co-sleeping and the use of a dummy. Hermione and Leo would also only sleep for a maximum of two hours at a time. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stay sane if the twins weren’t in a routine and if they woke frequently at night. Thanks to Claire’s vast knowledge, her kind approach and sleep training we now have babies who sleep. Hermione and Leo sleep from 7pm until 6/7am and sleep for a solid two and a quarter hours in total during the day. She has offered us continual guidance throughout our journey and it has been absolutely invaluable to our family. We now have two very content babies and happy parents as we have our sleep back! I can’t recommend Claire enough, particularly for parents who need support with establishing a routine for twins as well as getting them to sleep through the night. Thank you so much Claire for all you’ve done for us. I don’t think I would have been able to get to this point and be happy again without you!”

Philippa – London


“People keep commenting how fresh faced I look given I have a 6 month old baby. The secret is not any expensive skin cream - it's Claire Ball! At 5 months our baby had developed a dummy dependency and it needed replacing every 1-2 hours throughout the night. When teething hit and the dummy started irritating her gums, she didn't know how to get to sleep on her own and the situation became untenable. Enter Claire. We had a Facetime consultation with Claire which was followed up with a personalised plan for both day and night sleeping, our daughter was sleeping from 7.30pm to 7.00am within three nights and taking good daytime naps. I had heard of such transformations but didn't honestly believe it would work for us. But with Claire's support we stuck to the plan and it has transformed ourlives (and my skin!) The plan was clear, easy to implement and Claire's follow up support was invaluable. Worth every penny!”

Jen – London


“Claire was an absolutely godsend to us! Our little girl has reflux and it took 6 months to get it under control. Once we had, it was clear that she had developed several bad sleep associations, on many occasions waking up to 8 times a night. The sleep deprivation was really getting me down and taking its toll on me physically, combined with the fact that we have a 22 month old and I was also due to return to work. We contacted Claire in the hope that she might be able to help, but what we received from her was above and beyond what we expected. Claire listened carefully to the problem, and immediately identified the issues that were preventing Ava from sleeping for continuous stretches. She was confident that the reflux was under control and devised a detailed personalised plan based around our daily routine. We implemented the suggestions the next day and within two days Ava was self-settling for her daytime naps and was sleeping 10 hour stretches at night. The change in our family and in our little girl have been amazing. Ava is now thriving, getting the sleep she needs. She's like a different baby. I'm getting sleep again and feel like a new person. Our family dynamic is back to normal and we have Claire to thank for it all. Nothing was ever too much. Whether it was email, call or text, Claire was on hand to offer support and advice. We cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Claire”

Anette – London


“As first time parents living abroad in Switzerland, without family around us, we have found Claire`s support & guidance invaluable. Claire came to our rescue when Olive was almost 6 weeks old and her evenings and nights were becomes impossible for my husband and I to manage. She was cluster feeding nearly every hour between 5pm and midnight and sleeping for just over one hour in that time period broken into several short naps. We had an initial FaceTime consultation with Claire after which she quickly provided us with a clear sleeping and eating routine for Olive as well as support and guidance on how to effectively implement it. She also played a significant role at the time in helping to diagnose Olive`s silent reflux and was there to guide us through this challenging period with regular FaceTime consultations and messages. By the time Olive was three months old, thanks to Claire we had her reflux under control, she was taking three regular naps at the same time each day and was sleeping through the night with dream feeds at 11pm and 3am. By the time she was four months old and again with Claire`s help, we were able to cut out the 3am feed. Olive is now 6 months old and thriving. She still follows Claire`s sleep routines and is like clockwork with her naps during the day and sleeps from 7pm until at least 6am consistently every night. More recently Claire has also been supporting us on weaning Olive onto solid food and we are already on three meals a day. We would recommend Claire to everyone, she is literally our Fairy Godmother and we could`t have got to this point without her!”

Lauren – Switzerland


“Claire consulted us to help with our two year old, after battling for two years of on/off sleep issues. She devised a 2 week plan. We started to implement changes during the day & break bad habits gently with as few tantrums as possible. Claire gave us techniques that helped us communicate with our 2 year old as well as deal with the tantrums. This gave us the confidence to make her realise that we were in charge, not her! After 7 nights she was sleeping like a dream. She is now sleeping 7.30pm through to 7.30am with no tears or tantrums. She is a much happier child for it & the changes we have made during the day have also helped towards that. We are a much happier household as a result… thank you Claire!”

James - London


“I initially contacted Claire when my third baby was almost 6 months old. We had been co-sleeping since she was born and I was also feeding on demand. I was exhausted all the time and my back hurt so much from sleeping in awkward positions. Add three and a half year old twins to the mix and it’s easy to see that the situation was not manageable. Before I contacted Claire I looked at lots of information. Online. Books. Friends. Lots of conflicting advice that I couldn’t choose from. I didn’t know where to start. Then a friend recommended Claire. Trust me, she said, it is the best investment you’ll ever make. Fast forward two weeks and my baby is following a routine. She falls asleep in her cot, by herself, with no tears and no guilt for me. I feel human and I am enjoying my life and my children again. The tiredness fog is gone too! In between, lots of calls, WhatsApp messages, advice and support from Claire. She not only advises on sleep but helps with diet changes and weaning too. I loved the fact that she listened to me and what I wanted and didn’t want to do. Her advice was tailored to our needs and our situation. She was knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. When I discussed her advice with our family paediatrician he said he she was absolutely spot on with diet changes and her method. He is not easily impressed and neither am I. I cannot recommend Claire enough and cannot thank her enough for what she’s done for us as a family.”

Chloe - London

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